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The point of using tools
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while minimizing the effort

17 April 2018

Toolbox Design • GROHE Product Display

In partnership with Grohe Asia Pacific, a compilation of marketing collaterals created by TOOLBOX DESIGN, from campaign development, print communications, POSM, display, digital media from online related marketing, social media management to 3D animation & product videos.

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17 April 2018

Toolbox Design • GROHE Shower Makeover

In partnership with Grohe Asia Pacific, a compilation of marketing collaterals created by TOOLBOX DESIGN, from campaign development, print communications, POSM, display, digital media from online related marketing, social media management to 3D animation & product videos.

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12 April 2018

Toolbox Design • GROHE FOH Campaign

In partnership with Grohe Asia Pacific, a compilation of marketing collaterals created by TOOLBOX DESIGN, from campaign development, print communications, POSM, display, digital media from online related marketing, social media management to 3D animation & product videos.

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12 April 2018

Toolbox Design • GROHE KBC 2017

In partnership with Grohe Asia Pacific, a compilation of marketing collaterals created by TOOLBOX DESIGN, from campaign development, print communications, POSM, display, digital media from online related marketing, social media management to 3D animation & product videos.

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10 April 2018

Toolbox Design • Festive Greeting Cards

Festive cards that say more than a thousand words. From design to print production, TOOLBOX DESIGN gives your festive cards a touch of exclusivity that transcends through mere greetings.

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10 April 2018

Toolbox Design • Product Campaign Key Visuals & Print Communication

Creating campaign key visuals and print collaterals that communicates the Great Eastern Singapore range of products. Toolbox Design is adept in developing creative for print communications, digital imaging and content writing.

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27 July 2017

Toolbox Design • Banner Display

TOOLBOX DESIGN created a series of brand applications and displays for Welbilt. Adapting the brand graphics to create brand layouts that are not only distinctive but differentiate its line of products across communication materials.

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12 July 2017

Bengawan Solo • Mother’s Day 2017 Collaterals

Spreading love to all mums out there with our lovely cake tag and display poster. Using soft pastel colours and delicate flowers, it brings out the gentleness and elegance of mothers.

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16 June 2017

Bengawan Solo • Display Poster

Looking for captivating display advertisements? Let TOOLBOX DESIGN create one for you! Using bright colours and appealing visuals, the advertisement brings out the goodness of Bengawan Solo’s Pandan Chiffon into reality.

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07 June 2017

Cafe Asia 2017

Toolbox Design was once again engaged by our dear clients to create this exquisite and finely detailed booths for Cafe Asia 2017. Using the knowledge and experience Toolbox Design had through out the years of making booths on events, Toolbox Design was once again successful in delivering the task given by using it’s creativity and […]

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05 June 2017

Manitowoc Foodservice Publication

Toolbox Design was engaged by Manitowoc Foodservices to do a series of publication materials for their campaign. Exuding of ideas and creativity, Toolbox Design had produced excellent quality materials that satisfies it’s clients.

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09 May 2017

Coty Print Collaterals

Toolbox Design has given the opportunity to showcase one of it’s strength on producing creative materials for Fragrance Bar. Combined with Toolbox Design’s creativity and Fragrance Bar’s ideas. We have brought these creative collaterals into an amazing piece of art.

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26 April 2017

Non-livestock Mondays @ Toolbox Design

TOOLBOX DESIGN & its subsidiary arm in Philippines, TBD MULTIMEDIA supports MEATLESS MONDAYS Initiative with our own NON LIVESTOCK MONDAYS Meatless Monday is an international campaign that encourages people to not eat meat on Mondays to improve their health and the health of the planet. This coming Friday 28 April 2017, our Senior Art Director, […]

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07 April 2017

Bengawan Solo Print Collaterals

In collaboration with Bengawan Solo, we have created these brochures and visuals that are sure to cater to the younger ones. With popular characters such as from Disney FROZEN, Disney Princesses and more.

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23 March 2017

Unlisted Collection Websites

With a revamp of their website, Unlisted Collection was able to capture the audience in a more creative and fun way with eye-catching visuals.

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17 March 2017

Chinese New Year Print Collateral & Packaging

To accentuate your brand, transform your festive collateral into a creative tool. These pieces of traditional collateral, designed with modern art, is sure to help your brand stand out.

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03 March 2017

Chinese New Year Red Packets

Unique designs, clever choice of material used and finishings can accentuate your RED PACKET. TOOLBOX DESIGN with its many years of experienced in producing collection worthy RED PACKETS, you can be sure your brand will stand out from the crowd.

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24 February 2017

Global Blue • Red Packet

TOOLBOX DESIGN is excited to share a series of subsequent online postings on our unique RED PACKET DESIGNS & FESTIVE PRINT COLLATERALS for the year 2017. Do look out for these postings and LIKE us!

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06 January 2017

Calendar 2017 • Citygas

Calendar that expresses more than the brand’s identity but also its value. This calendar is designed to give lasting impressions and incorporates Citygas’ identity.

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13 December 2016

Company Holiday

WE AT TOOLBOX DESIGN THANK ALL ACQUAINTANCES & BUSINESS PARTNERS, FOR ALL THE CONTINUAL SUPPORT FOR 2016! Please view and LIKE our TOOLBOX DESIGN Christmas 2016 video by clicking here ! HAPPY HOLIDAYS & HAVE A GREAT 2017! Our local and oversea offices shall be closed from Friday, 23 December 2016 and we shall resume […]

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25 October 2016

Free Wi-Fi Display • Sentosa

Engaging people to spread the news. Sentosa in collaboration with Toolbox Design has made it possible.

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13 October 2016

Web Banner • Great Eastern Life

Celebrating the birth of your bundle of joy, Great Eastern Life has collaborated with Toolbox Design to express this joyous moment for all mothers.

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10 October 2016

Character Cakes Brochure • Bengawan Solo

Character Cakes Brochure for Bengawan Solo presented to you by Toolbox Design

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04 October 2016

Branding • G&L Surgical

A formal & flexible identity that enabled the company to position their brand as one that specialises in giving state-of-the-art medical treatments.

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29 July 2016

Create Brand Awareness
in 365 days

We make calenders that express the brand’s identity & value. Each calendar is thoughtfully designed so that they create a lasting ‪impression‬ whenever they are seen & used. See more of these calendars on our portfolio page and find out how you can have the BEST ‪‎BRAND PLACEMENT‬ all year round.

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20 July 2016

Toolbox Design Team Building 2016 – Coron Palawan Philippines • Notice Video

Our offices shall be closed for Annual Team Building from 4th, Thursday ~ 9th, Tuesday August 2016. We will resume business on Wednesday, 10th August 2016. For urgent matters, kindly call +65.96860.222 / +65.96860.333

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07 July 2016

Dynamica • Product Video

This product video helps to illustrate the parts of the product clearly and informatively. It also points out the features of the product and conveys the message to the viewer effectively and how it functions.

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07 July 2016

Nanthapu Oil Supply Base • Corporate Video

Presenting vital statistical information about this oil supply base investment opportunity by using text overlays & 3D animation.

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07 July 2016

WPG Hotel Group • Corporate Video

The video presents using 3D animation the key points that makes this hotel property investment a lucrative & strategic investment opportunity

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07 July 2016

Merrychef Eikon e2s • Product Video

The eikon® e2s is the latest from Merrychef’s line of rapid and accelerated cook speed ovens.

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07 July 2016

Welbilt Pronto • Product Video

The video shows the how the Pronto’s high quality cooking performance with advanced Impingement technology and smart airflow ensuring even cooked food, fast and energy efficient.

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24 June 2016


Formal & flexible identities that enabled WP Group to position these brand as those that specialises in their particular fields by giving viable and up-to-date information & strategies to their clients.

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14 June 2016


Engaging Animated E-Cards. A digital collateral that takes advantage of the festive season to place your brand on your customers inbox.

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08 June 2016

Create BRAND IMPRESSION that last

The brand identity for this enrichment centre presents the primary expertise through impressionistic & symbolic style visual elements. A through-the-line implementation on printed collaterals, website & up to the centre’s wall designs captured the attention of both parents & their children.

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01 June 2016

Effective through-the-line BRANDING & IMPLEMENTATIONS

A formal & flexible identity that enabled the company to position their brand as one that specialises in giving viable and up-to-date hotel property investment information & strategies to their clients.

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25 May 2016

Animated E-Greetings that Come Alive!

A creative expression of festive cheers. We make animated E-Greetings that are both viewable on desktop & mobile formats for maximum exposure. These allow our clients to engage their customers & clients during the festive seasons.

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16 May 2016

EMAIL MARKETING through EDM, E-Cards & E-Invites

Creative visual make effective EMAIL MARKETING

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11 May 2016

Effective BRANDING for WPG F&B Concepts in Myanmar

The brand identity for these F&B brands in Myanmar depicts their menu item specialties. This is done through creative & relevant visual elements presented in a unique style. These are through-the-line implementations from band identity development, uniforms, packaging and printed collaterals. Each item effectively gave the brands a stand-out impression. Click here to view more […]

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20 April 2016

Toolbox Design Staff Visits the FHA 2016 Booths

From 12 – 15 April 2016, Toolbox Design Staff visits the Food&HotelAsia (FHA) booths at Singapore Expo. FHA is a highly anticipated event both locally and internationally and it brings to the market a myriad of food and hospitality products from around the world.

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18 April 2016

Exhibition Booth with Lead Generation Area & Product Information Displays at FHA 2016

Toolbox Design provided a through-the-line exhibition booth service for a world renowned Foodservice company. The project is inclusive of conceptualisation, design, planning, construction as well as building awareness for & around the booth. This was done by pre-event collaterals, informative displays & an interactive lead generation game. The structure depicted the essence of the brand […]

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16 April 2016


There is a key benefit that Unlisted Collection: gained when they revamped their Hotel 1929 Website. 3 months after updating the design & navigation of the website, a significant increase in direct booking conversion was achieved. Like our client said: “Thought you’d like to know the difference the websites are making!” Call us at +65.6298.1448 […]

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15 April 2016


Another year of collaboration with a commercial kitchen solutions fabrication company. We conceptualised, design & built this unique, exciting & eye-catching exhibition booth. The concept depicts the brand’s innovative approach to their projects. Combining organic elements with a uniquely elegant structural design, booth 1G3-01 stood out at Hall 1 of the Singapore Expo. Food&HotelAsia (FHA) […]

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14 April 2016


Toolbox Design delivered from conceptualisation, design to detailed construction drawings the exhibition booth with an interactive game area for a world renowned Foodservice company. We made sure that the structure embodies the brand’s identity & help drive customer engagement. The booth was one of the most well designed areas in the exhibition floor. Beyond the […]

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11 March 2016

We are about ILLUSTRATIONS that deliver information

We illustrate brand message to works of art. With applications ranging from promotional to informative, these illustrations allows these brands to communicate to their customers in an effectively visual way.

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03 February 2016

Unique Decorative Red Packets by Toolbox Design

This year, our Red Packets are made special in a way that it also serves as Chinese New Year decorative ornaments. The eternity knot, stylized to denote the auspicious figure 8 brings forth prosperity & abundance. From hanging on twisted bamboos, pussy willows to decorating walls, we thank our clients & friends for sharing with […]

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02 February 2016

Design implementations adapted from Red Packet

Another year of exciting collaboration with Marina Square to create a unique greeting card cum holder for a series of 5 red packets. Custom created graphic and gradient overlay of coloured gold fishes were adapted across their print communication materials & displays as part of their festive brand campaign.

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22 January 2016

Wishing You Great Health & Prosperity in the Year Ahead!

Our offices shall be closed for the Lunar New Year  from Monday, 08 Feb ~ Friday, 12 Feb 2016. We shall resume business on Monday, 15 Feb 2016. We at TOOLBOX DESIGN (SG) & TBD MULTIMEDIA (PH) wishes you MONKEY LEAPS OF FORTUNE!

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16 December 2015

Have A Blessed Christmas & Happy Holidays!

To All Business Associates & Acquaintances Our offices shall be closed for the holidays from Thursday, 24th December 2015 & shall resume business on the Monday, 4th January 2016.

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08 December 2015

The Toolkids Workshop Video

The Toolkids Design Workshop took shape in dedication to all advocates of Creative Thinking & Design. We provide KIDS with a dynamic “space” to nurture them to think creatively and socially through hands on, interactive and visual learning workshops. Through understanding ART MOVEMENTS, exploring DESIGN TECHNIQUES combined with DIGITAL MEDIA. We aspire to make a […]

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16 November 2015

2015 Company Team Building & Appraisal in Vietnam

August 2015, we took a well deserved break and stretched our travelling legs as we held our 2015 Company Team Building & Appraisal in Vietnam

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14 May 2015

3D Modeling /Rendering & Packaging Design for a Mobile Phone Brand

Synrgic launched the new Vantage 50Qwith the help from Toolbox Design.3D modelling of product, packaging, structure design & attractive screen savers were part of the creative implementation. It’s a must for Toolbox Designbe in alignment with our client’s vision.For Synrgic’s newest product, Vantage50Q, the team conducted extensiveresearch on packaging trends. The designof the packaging ensures […]

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29 April 2015

Create & Increase Your Brand’s Online Presence

Toolbox Design effectively promotes your products and services in the global web. Watch the video. We boost our clients’ online reach through: Website Design & Development E-Commerce & SEO Social Media Content Integration Email Marketing & E-Cards Online Web Applications

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23 April 2015

Re-branding & E-Commerce Website for a Local Wine Reseller

In July 2014, Toolbox Designwas commissioned by Magnum Pte Ltdto realise its new vision of going beyonda wine gallery to an eCommerce website: The birth of this new site incorporated numerous features to provide shoppers with a smooth experience: User-Friendly Interface Smart Product Suggestions & Search Mechanism Prompt Content Delivery is truly an […]

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16 April 2015

Branding Update for a Learning Group

SEEDS Learning Group

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14 April 2015

Wall Mural Design for Unlisted Collection

Unlisted Collection

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10 April 2015

Online Campaign with eDM, Quiz Site & Direct Mailer Promoting an Environmentally Friendly Paper

Spicers Paper

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07 April 2015

Infographic Prezi Presentation, Online Video & Interactive PDF for SGX

Singapore Exchange

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01 April 2015

Efficient Spatial Design & Stand-out Visuals for 3D Networks’ Exhibition Booth

3D Networks

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24 March 2015

Video Shoot & Production for KBS Motorsport’s Car Customisation Service

KBS Motorsports

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18 March 2015

Event Management & Creative Promotional Collaterals for a School Fair


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17 March 2015

2014 Company Team Building & Appraisal in Hong Kong & Macau

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12 March 2015

An Online Game by Toolbox Design was used by Electrolux for their Awareness Campaign

Electrolux Asia Pacific

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10 March 2015

Sentosa worked with Toolbox Design for their 2015 Calendar & Greeting Cards


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02 March 2015

Talent Quest Dinner & Dance 2015 Event Concept & Management


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11 February 2015

Happy Lunar New Year from Toolbox Design

Please click this link ( to view the animated eCard specially made for all of you. We at TOOLBOX DESIGN (Singapore)& TBD MULTIMEDIA (Philippines) wishes you GOAT LUCK & GONG XI FA CAI! Our office shall be closed for the Lunar New Year from Saturday, 14th Feb 2015to Sunday, 22nd Feb 2015. We shall resume […]

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29 January 2015

For the last #ThrowBackThursday of January 2015

It’s the last #ThrowBackThursday of January 2015. We saved the best for last to share in our Holiday 2014 Throwback shares. Watch the video Taking Motion Graphics Animationto the next level we brought to life flat cell illustrations to 3D space as we gave season’s greetings to our friends & clients.

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11 November 2014

Toolbox Design in Hong Kong & Macau – 5 to 10 September 2014

For our 2014 Team Building and Appraisal, we went to the “city of charm”: the sophistication of an international city, cultural diversity and cosmopolitan lifestyle are at the very core of Hong Kong’s attractions. Being the world’s 8th largest trading economy, the vibrant trading also makes it a great spot for bargains. Natural beauty: offers […]

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18 September 2014

Toolbox Design makes AXA’s products visible all year long

Illustrations indeed say a thousand words. AXA’s 2014 calendar was specially crafted to illustrate scenarios of one’s daily life related to AXA’s redefining services.

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03 September 2014

Toolbox Design Annual Team Building 6-11 September 2014

Our office will be closed for our Annual Team Buidling from 6th, Saturday ~ 11th, Thursday September 2014. We will resume business on Friday, 12 September 2014. For urgent matter, kindly call (+65) 96860 222 or (+65) 96860 333. Thank You!

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03 July 2014

ROYEN – Another brand brought to life by Toolbox Design

As a top-notch brand, ROYEN sells premium & high quality bird’s nest. This calls for design skills that are rooted from our extensive experience in crafting premium brand identities. Toolbox Design has the right skills or should we say “tools” for the right job. We embodied ROYEN’s premium bird’s nest health benefits into the concept […]

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27 June 2014

‘Tis the perfect time to prepare your brand for the coming holidays, here are some great ideas from Toolbox Design

June is coming to an end! Have you realised that we are already in the middle of year 2014? In the marketing perspective, this is a prime time to kick start the process of planning for year end’s festive seasons! Last year, City Gas was able to engage their contacts & customers through a very […]

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26 June 2014

AXA’s Changi Airport Advertisements made by Toolbox Design

AXA’s recent posters placedat the Departure Area of Changi Airport Terminal 2 were createdby Toolbox Design. In coordination with their vision,we designed symbolic and representative visuals to capture travellers’ attention.It increases AXA’s potential sales opportunities as their target audienceare the departing travelers.

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16 June 2014

Another F&B Concept branded and brought to life by Toolbox Design

We have been up to quite a lot of stuff last year. One of it is this new F&B Concept in Manila, Philippines: Taste of Taiwan. A through-the-line solution was providedfrom brand identity to web presence. Bringing a brand to life is one of our key strengths & we applied it here in Taste of […]

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13 June 2014

A well executed EXHIBITION & EVENT is the key to brand success

Toolbox Design delivers quality, efficient and cost-effective displays so that you can focus on what matters most: engaging your customers. Watch this video to see how we did this for Manitowoc! On 8th April at the Food and Hotel Asia 2014, our creations allowed Manitowoc Booth to stand out amongst the vast number of exhibitions […]

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09 June 2014

Yet another efficiently made EXHIBITION DISPLAY for Fabristeel

During April 2014, Toolbox Design delivered from conceptualisation to construction, the Exhibition Display for Fabristeel. The exhibition structure embodied the corporate identity and values of Fabristeel making their booth one of the most visited areas in the exhibition floor. Apart from that, we also created Fabristeel’s Invitation EDM and FHA-themed email signature to provide added […]

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20 January 2014

Toolbox Design Wishes Everyone a Happy Lunar New Year

We wish you prosperity, peace, longevity, fortune and a HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR! Our office shall be closed from Thursday, 30 January – Monday, 03 February 2014. We shall resume business as usual on Tuesday, 04 February 2014.

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14 January 2014

We helped Shoralife start the new year vitalized

Another website project has been completed by Toolbox Design for Shora Holdings Ltd, the pioneer in health & wellness. Shoralife is Shora Holdings’ first brand. We have crafted a website for them with contemporary designs. A responsive website design framework helped structure information to be reader-friendly.

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14 January 2014

Toolbox and TBD Annual Team Building 2013 – Bangkok, Thailand

We are happy and proud to share the fond moments from our Annual Team Building. Watch the video:

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10 January 2014

A new year, a new look for the SEEDS Learning Group website

Last year, one of the things that our team did was give SEEDS Learning Groupa revamped website. The website comprises of domain management & innovative navigation design. It was completed with a full featured CMS (Content Management System powered by WordPress)that eases the update of information.

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23 December 2013

Amazing Race – THE RUNNER UPS

The runner ups of the 2013 Toolbox Design Amazing Race Bangkok. It was a tight finish for the Pink and Green team as representatives from each team sprinted with each other to reach the end point. The Pink team was able to claim the 1st runner up place and also won the “Best Photographed Team” […]

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20 December 2013

Happy Holidays from Toolbox Design!

To All Business Associates And Friends, We will be closed for the holidays on the following days: Tuesday, 24 December and Thursday, 31 December 2013. Happy Holidays!

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20 December 2013

Amazing Race – THE WINNER

Happy Friday everyone! Toolbox Design would like to share the last moments of our Team Building Amazing Race! Just like the reality TV show, our Amazing Race is also filled with twist and turns. Some had emotional finishes while some were gripping up-to-the-last-minute sprints to the race’s end point. The race masters were waiting and […]

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13 November 2013

2013 Team Building Day 3: Amazing Race Part 2 – THE TEAMS

Happy mid-week everyone! We hope the week is going well for you. As promised, the continuation of our Bangkok Amazing Race Challenge. After flexing our minds last night, we got up to a sumptuous breakfast to pack ourselves with the energy for the physical challenge ahead. The first surprise was when the teams were re-shuffled […]

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08 November 2013

2013 Team Building Day 3: Amazing Race Part 1

This 2013 Team Building saw the debut of a new activity, the Toolbox Design Amazing Race Challenge It is as every bit of what the Amazing Race show has to offer, physical challenge, strategy, planning of resources and of course, prizes! We are again grouped into 4 teams, the first team to reach the end […]

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06 November 2013

2013 Team Building Day 2: Strategies for 2014 & a Mind Exercise

At Toolbox Design, it’s all about holistic formation of our teams. After a day of unwinding, we got together to discuss our plans and strategies for year 2014. At the core of those plans and strategies is to provide the best client service possible. We ended the night with a mind challenge: a 300 pieces […]

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05 November 2013

2013 Team Building Day 2: Shopping Galore!

On our second day, we took the chance to go on a full day of retail therapy. Bangkok is a well-known shopper’s haven with its hard to miss bargains at almost every turn in the city. After a hearty breakfast, we went in groups to shop at the famous shopping centres around: Platinum Fashion Mall […]

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04 November 2013

Introduction of the 2013 Team Building Posts Series

Last month, we took a hiatus from the office to take a breather and at the same time, connect with one another. This was also a pivotal time when the Singapore and Manila team got to interact in a personal level and also to communicate better. This month, we are keen to share our team […]

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01 July 2013

TBD Multimedia Services Manila Philippines

1st of July 2013 saw the launch of TDB Multimedia Services, an extension arm of Toolbox Design Pte Ltd, part of a subsidiary company with offices in Indonesia, China and now the Philippines.

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23 May 2013


We Breathe 3D, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects. We Empower your brand with 3D & Digital Animation. We Bring Motion to Life. We are Toolbox Design.

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11 April 2013

The Wangz Hotel Corporate Brochure by Toolbox Design

Two days before the weekend… If you have weekend trip plans within the island, you may be checking hotel brochures. Wangz Hotel, a Boutique Hotel in Singapore commissioned Toolbox Design to create their Corporate Brochure. With the design that translates the brand’s message to a work of art, this brochure enhanced the marketing efforts for […]

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10 April 2013

Toolbox Design is Keen
to Make Emails
Work for You

Happy Mid-week Everyone! How’s your inbox looking so far? We at Toolbox Design create eDMs (electronic Direct Mailer) for our client – Unlisted Collection. However, they are not just typical, run-off-the-mill emails, we make sure that the emails are specific, informative and most of all visually attractive. Delivering content-rich and visually impactful eDMs makes it […]

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08 April 2013

Marketing Communications Done for Ritz Carlton

Another week has begun. Each day is a chance for a brand to make it known. Ritz Carlton commissioned Toolbox Design to create most of their communication materials. From internal and external marketing materials, the Toolbox Design Team produced quality communications that empowers the Ritz Carlton brand.

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05 April 2013


We have been sharing great retail space designs this week. As we end it with the launch of the Toolbox Design Instagram page, we are proud to share with you the spaces where we create our great work. It is our little way of sharing our second home with you. We hope you like and […]

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04 April 2013

INSTAntly see, share and love us… Soon!

It’s almost the weekend! But here at Toolbox Design, we are excited for Friday for another reason. Why? Let us leave you with a hint: Have you ever wondered where our cover photo collage came from? We’ll let you INSTAntly see, share and love ‘em!

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02 April 2013

Toolbox Design Perceived
a Lifestyle Concept Store
in Indonesia

How’s your week so far? What are you having for Lunch? We cannot help but think of the Scandanavian style Kitchen that we have designed for Electrolux during our mid-day-munch-time. It is not just a kitchen, but also a “real” home. From living rooms, to bedrooms, laundry, and play area, every corner showcases Electrolux in […]

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01 April 2013

Toolbox Design Conceptualized a Cooking School in Indonesia

We were given the task to design a cooking school that is fully equipped with Electrolux Products. With our adept skills in space planning, 3D perspective rendering and detailed construction drawings, the first cooking school in Surabaya, Indonesia was built. INGREDIENTS: Our Creative Director flew to Bali, Benjamasin, Jogjakarta and Surabaya in Indonesia over 3 […]

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05 March 2013

Toolbox on-site at Electrolux for a filming project

As we take into active form that good design equates to better business, we took on the task of filming the speech of Electrolux’s CEO for their 2013 Regional Business Meeting. Below are some snap shots of the filming preparation in motion

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05 March 2013

Another appetizing website rolls out

Another appetizing website rolls out!

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20 February 2013

Love Bonito shared some “Chinese New Year Love”

Love Bonito shared some “Chinese New Year Love” through Red Packets we created with them:

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08 February 2013

Toolbox Design Portfolio Video

A multi-disciplinary design company, our strengths are in: Branding, Print Communications, Packaging, Display, Interactive and Multimedia, Web Design and Development We at Toolbox Design believe that good design equates better business. Drop by our website: and click on the Portfolio gadget.

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01 February 2013

Happy Lunar New Year 2013

We at Toolbox Design wishes everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! Our company shall be closed during the Chinese New Year holidays starting February 09, Saturday and we shall resume business on February 18, Monday 2013.

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24 January 2013

Bengawan Solo celebrates with their customers
the year of the Water Snake

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Are you taking advantage of this event to kick-start and festively promote your brand as well? Bengawan Solo did. They tapped on the Tools of the Trade at Toolbox Design and here are peeks of how Bengawan Solo celebrates with their customers the year of the Water […]

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18 January 2013

Launched the Detronics Website

Toolbox Design launched today the Detronics Website This is the online presence of Detronics Pte Ltd, an electronic components reseller company established in 14th of June 1995 and is committed to get bring our customers quality parts that serves their purpose. Sporting an unorthodox layout yet content effective web page design, the website is […]

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02 January 2013

Launched the Rocku Yakiniku Website

Toolbox Design launched the Rocku Yakiniku Website today. Rocku Yakiniku is the latest F&B establishment from Creative Eateries. The website features a contemporary design backed with a CMS (Content Management System powered by WordPress) that eases the modification of information. The establishment brand is hip and pop, they target social media savvy customers. Toolbox Design […]

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04 December 2012

Happy Holidays to all business associates, acquaintances and friends

Happy Holidays to all business associates, acquaintances and friends. We at Toolbox Design thank you for all your continuous support! Our company shall be closed from December 24, Monday and we shall resume business on December 31, Monday 2012.

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09 November 2012

Toolbox Design Annual Team Building 2012

We will resume business on Wednesday, 14 November 2012. For urgent matters, kindly call 96860.222 / 96860.333

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26 January 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Have a Prosperous Chinese New Year!

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23 December 2010

Merry Christmas From ToolBox Design

Happy Holidays! To all business associates, friends and families Thank you for all your generous support!

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20 October 2010

Make First Impressions Count

ToolBox Design has the ability to interpret brands and bring them to life. When it comes to effective packaging, we believe what’s visually outside is a primary drawing force for curiosity. The shoutout message must say “Look at me!” and be singled out from the endless rows of shelf display. Consumer products, festive boxes, intricate […]

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03 October 2010

We’re on Razor TV!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! At every turn, an auspicious greeting unfolds. Razor TV featured ToolBox Design for our cool “Ang Pow” gift pack for Ritz Carlton Millenia Singapore. View this link for more. We don’t just stop short at regular design services. One of our fortes is the design and production of red packets, […]

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20 April 2010

Riding the Digital Wave

The digital age is a labyrinth. A maze of perplexity? Perhaps not. At ToolBox Design, we prefer to see it as a treasure trove of endless possibilities & opportunities. Let us show you how your brand can dominate and reap the returns of riding on this powerful digital wave. From the traditional website, to electronic […]

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